Powertrain Components Australia Pty Ltd (PCA) is a leading supplier of parts, service and support to the mining industry, both underground and open cut encompassing both mobile and fixed plant equipment.

With state of art component rebuild workshops in Queensland and Western Australia to service the requirements of PCA as well as component rebuild facilities in Manila, Philippines as part of Powertrain Components International Inc (PCI) both entities have successfully delivered unrivalled industry-leading customer support across the Asia/Pacific, Africa and South America regions.

PCA/PCI are market leaders in the supply, service and support of powertrain components. We can also supply and service any powertrain component fitted to mobile equipment manufacturers such as Sandvik, Epiroc, Caterpillar, Normet and Jacon machines. With a dedicated team of highly skilled personnel that form part of the Technical Support Team (TST) available to support our clients worldwide, 24 hours of the day PCA/PCI are certainly the industry benchmark when its comes to Powertrain Components.

Transmissions + Torque Converters

PCA/PCI supply transmissions and torque converters to clients across the world. Each certified quality rebuilt component is assembled using only genuine spare parts. With factory-trained technicians across the branch network, each transmission and torque converter is rebuilt to the exact factory standards outlined by the manufacturer. To provide excellence in Quality Control, every Certified rebuilt component is hydro-dynamically tested to ensure each component meets factory specifications. PCA/PCI sell and service a full range of brand New and Service Exchange transmissions and Torque Converters to suit all makes and models of mobile equipment in both the underground Coal and Hard Rock Mining sectors.

PCA/PCI supplies and services an extensive range of axles, specifically for the Mining Industry. PCA/PCI is the market leader in delivering the highest level of quality and safety across the product range. This is supported through the use of the highest standard of brake safety systems. By utilising the Spring Applied Hydraulic Release (SAHR) brake system that meets the mine safety regulations across the globe PCA/PCI work closely with our clients to develop and implement modifications that align with actual requirements. With a full range of service exchange axles and brakes, PCA/PCI is your trusted partner in reducing machine downtime through supply and support. PCA/PCI sell and service a full range of New and Service Exchange complete axles, differentials, brake units and wheel ends to suit all makes and models of mobile equipment in both the underground Coal and Hard Rock Mining sectors.

axles + braking systems


The Technical Support Team (TST) in consultation with our Training Platform Manager, have developed our own certified training platform that has been successfully welcomed by many of our clients across Australia and Internationally. One of the many but most popular courses that have been rolled out to date is the in-depth training on the Operation, Testing and Diagnostics of Powertrain Components.

This four to seven day course delivers the trainees both theoretical and practical concepts. This allows each student to gain knowledge of systems not only out of the machine (rebuilt components) but also on how to diagnose and test powertrain components. The course is designed specifically to suit the equipment the trainees work on in their own environments. At the completion of the course each trainee undertakes an in-depth theory examination and the successful trainees are issued with PCA/PCI Certified Course Completion Certificates. This course has been successfully completed by clients in Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, PNG and Australia.

a Technical Support Team with well over 100 years’ experience